It’s Friday

Oh my! It’s the weekend again–I do love a short week.  For Paul this weekend is smashed between two trips to Austin, so we’re taking it easy in Houston. What are you up to? Any fun plans?

Last night, we made this yummy salad, which will make for a few solid leftover lunches for the next few days.

I plan to make this almond ginger granola this evening…the perfect use for some crystallized ginger that’s been sitting in the cabinet leftover from this cake I made.

Love these old fashioned classic leather bound books.

Appreciate former New York Magazine editor Kurt Anderson’s list of “words we don’t say.” Funny.

A treehouse for grown-ups? Yes, please.

As a perfectionist, I was inspired by Joslyn’s thoughts on being a “Type B plus.”

Finally, Happy [belated] Birthday, Hillary!

Photo via Summer Goals.



2 thoughts on “It’s Friday

  1. Anna

    Also, re: being B+ type – I am not a parent, but I have spent the last two years teaching Sunday School to over-programmed, stressed out little ones. One day during their free drawing time, one of my kids “drew” a to-do checklist complete with boxes for future checkmarks. The call to let kids identify and explore their creativity more freely is a welcome one to these ears! (Now, being a type A-er when it comes to my own work, we’ll see how effective I am at that if/when I become a mom…)


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