IMG_2521Some funny things are said around these parts, these days. And (usually) not by me. I LOVE Grace’s posts on her children’s (and her husband’s) hilarious sayings, so here’s my attempt. I realize these anecdotes are funnier to me than anyone else, so for memory’s sake…

When asked to lower her voice to an inside voice, “My teeth are just faster, mommy.”


While walking, “That dog is barking on meeee!!”

After I checked my phone (and paused the video) while talking to N. on FaceTime…”Mama, you turned Dad off!!”

On having chapped lips…”Maaa, my lip died. I need chapstick!!”

After throwing a toy and getting scolded, “It was an accident, right mom?” NOPE.

My Weeks with Blue Apron

As I mentioned, I’ve been cooking with Blue Apron for the past few weeks. It took me a while to take the plunge, but in the end, my rationalization was as follows: I really like cooking at the end of a workday. BUT. The meal planning and shopping part is a little draining and exhausting on top of our schedule these days.

So, getting a box of food with all the ingredients is kinda perfect. I just grab my staples at the store, and I’m done. Last week, we got back from traveling on a Tuesday, and I didn’t have to run to the grocery store before cooking 3 well-balanced meals for the week. My Blue Apron package had been delivered on Monday, so I was set.

I subscribe to the 2-person, 3-meals-a-week plan. Because I’m cooking for fewer people these days, I tend to have 1-2 leftover lunches per each meal. I take these to work during the week. It’s been nice to feel like I’m cooking well-rounded, healthy meals. We had been getting into cooking only quick meals and freezer meals, which isn’t so great for my flailing efforts to expand Campbell’s picky palette and expose her to different foods. (One exceptional evening, she even helped me with the food prep.) Another perk: I’m learning more about cooking! Each recipe walks you through the order of prepping the meal, even down to the timing of what to throw in the pan/oven, and when. Finally, the recipes have been yummy and varied. I have been surprised and happy at how delicious (and pretty) each meal is.

Anyone else have luck with Blue Apron? (Or Plated, which I’ve also heard is good?)

Some Random Gems

Happy almost-Friday! No cohesive blog topics these evening. Campbell had a bad fever all day and into this evening. I was banking on some paperwork getting done while she rested watched movies, but it’s amazing how very un-productive I was while she was sick. I’m trying to accept that this is ok, and even good that I could focus on her for a day. Working-mom-guilt is the worst.

  • I’ve cooked two weeks worth of Blue Apron meals as of today. And I’m sold for now, for this season of life. More on that later.
  • Camps and I saw Inside Out two weeks ago. It was as good as the hype! With two of my faves, Mindy and Amy. Not to mention, I nerded out on all the emotion identification happening.
  • Just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It was dense at first, but then I figured out that I needed to skim some parts. The writing was lovely, and the story was really neat.
  • Still watching Gilmore Girls, which I adore, but looking forward to True Detectives (despite negative reviews).
  • We start swimming lessons Saturday. I’m dreading putting on a swimsuit and getting in a cold, indoor pool. End rant.

What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy.

Well, hello…

IMG_2769Happy summer! We’ve had a busy month, to say the least. We’ve seen our families in two different states, traveled to Denver for a friend’s wedding and mini-vacay, and enjoyed lots of family time, (mainly at ethnic food dives around the city and convincing a certain 3-year-old to stay in the stroller while we tried to take a stroll.) Here are some updates, which I know are going to be just thrilling.

  • Reading: Just finished this book, which was a fun, quick read. I’m also wading through this one, which is dense but good.
  • Watching: We just finished the newest seasons of Veep (my fave) and Game of Thrones (don’t get me started on the finale). We’ve also been watching John Oliver’s show, which is excellent.
  • Wearing: Got these jeans as an early birthday present. They’ve since been the essential element of my weekend uniform.
  • Doing: Catching up on CEU’s  for licensure. Though I thought I could both take e-courses AND watching Gilmore Girls, it turns out that I cannot successfully complete the post-test when I’m distracted by Lorelai and Rorie’s antics. Shoot. In other riveting news, I also backed up all my pictures last night, which felt like a huge accomplishment and took some serious time.
  • Eating: Trying out Blue Apron starting next week, and I’m pretty excited. While I like to cook, I dread meal-planning and usually forget key ingredients at the store. So, I’m stoked to get it all in a box.
  • Listening: Still, podcasts. Some new ones for me–WTF with Marc Maron & Mortified (via Cup of Jo).

What are you into this summer?

Stuff I’ve Been Reading


One of our bookshelves…

I’ve read some good books since January, and I haven’t had the time to review them all! SB encouraged me to keep a list of the books I’m reading, so here’s my first attempt,  with a few words beside about the mood/tone/topic of the book.

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler: funny, poignant, surprising

All the Light I Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: page-turner, historical fiction, beautiful wording

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor: thoughtful, deep, not over-spiritual

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Laurin Winner: thoughtful, challenging

Home is Where My People Are by Sophie Hudson: light, funny, Southern

The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin: page-turner, historical fiction, interesting

Saving Grace by Jane Green: beach-read, light, read-in-2-days

Reading Currently: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Coming Up:

Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by Rachel Held Evans

The Orphan Train by Christine Baker Kline

Also, I’m looking for a good beach read. Any recommendations? What have you been reading?

The Mundane and the Magical

On a whim this past Saturday, Campbell and I went to see Cinderella at the movies. It was her first experience at the theater, and she sat in my lap the whole time, mesmerized/kinda scared by the sheer size of things. It was really, really good. The costumes and setting were beautiful. And the themes were spot on. “Have courage and be kind.” Both of us loved the lullaby “Lavender’s Blue” that was sung in the beginning.


The seemingly mundane activities can be so exciting as a parent of a younger child. And that keeps taking me by surprise. Taking her to her first movie, giving a her first soccer ball, teaching her how to use scissors (open-close-open-close). Sometimes these moments don’t live up to my expectations, and sometimes they do. When they are magical, I find myself feeling the need to share with others, but then I realize that I can count on 3 fingers the people who would care about Campbell singing her lungs out at the park as if she was a Disney Princess.

Deep thoughts on a Tuesday. Go see Cinderella if you’re on the fence about it. You won’t regret it!



Around the web….

Happy Sunday!

We’ve had a busy, but great, few weeks. Life has been full.  I’m relieved for warm weather and happy to have lots to look forward to over the next weeks and months. Here are some links from around the web that have caught my eye and warmed my heart.


As a Feeler myself, I found this post comforting.

For days that are “long and hard and kind of heavy.”

I’m just starting this book–it’s been on my wish-list for a while. This one is up next, thanks to this great list via Modern Mrs. Darcy.

On my spring wardrobe wishlist: these shoes, this shirt.

Last night, I started watching The Honourable Woman on Netflix. It’s great so far.

SB pointed me toward these, which seem so neat and are on sale right now!

We’ve made these butter cookies twice–they’re yummy and easy to for toddler help.