“Faith Sees Best in the Dark”

I read this fabulous post by Sarah Condon last week; it highlighted the interview between Joe Biden and Stephen Colbert from a few weeks back, in which they discuss their faith and personal tragedies. As Condon writes,

Whatever your politics may be, there is something incredibly moving about these two men, who have experienced such profound personal tragedy, softly speaking to one another about how faith has carried them through suffering.

I watched the clip of the interview and it’s not the smoothest or most eloquent. But it is quite poignant. At one point, Biden, who recently lost his son, explains, “Faith sees best in the dark.” He finds comfort in the ritual and consistency of faith. His thoughts really touched me.

Vox it Up

I’m writing to report on a new discovery in communicating with friends: Voxer. For others of you who are late to the game here, it’s basically a tool to send voice messages between people without a phone ringing. Instead of sending a message by text, send a message by voice.

When it comes to staying in touch, I’m a big fan of email. Expression through writing has always come easier for me. But Voxer can save a lot of time. It’s efficient–just speak for a minute or so and send it right along. And listen while you’re driving or brushing your teeth. Also, you can still send text and pictures, too, if you’re on the Metro or something and would rather not speak.

A few of my college friends and I have a group Vox going, and it has been really funny and a neat way to stay in touch day to day. We’ve discussed children’s injuries, YouTube videos that are worth watching, and even events that are a heavier and sad. One evening, one friend modeled her stitch-fix pieces and we Voxed our input–so funny. It’s unbelievably comforting and neat to hear my friends’ voices when we don’t get to see each other all that much.

I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it turns out, I’m a big Voxer fan. Anyone else out there?

For the Love of Gilmore and Podcasts

Happy Sunday. So I’ve written before about my routine of watching Gilmore Girls in the evening. It’s great background to paperwork, but it’s also worthy of my full attention post-dinner and post-toddler-bedtime.

Also, I’ve written about my love of podcasts to keep me company while cooking or applying make-up or etc etc.

With that, I give you my latest podcast find: The Gilmore Guys.


Y’all, these two young guys recorded their first podcast about the very first episode of GG right before the series was released on Netflix. They devote an hour of podcasting to each episode. (They may combine in the future, but at the beginning, they really break it down and moving slow and steady.) During the hour, they analyze characters, define cultural references, and talk about the outdated fashion choices. And the guys do it with a lot of humor. (They routinely invite celebrities to join as guests on the show, which is funny in the beginning episodes because they hadn’t become famous yet, but I actually think they get some celebrities on in later episodes.)

Check it out if you’re a GG fan, past or present. And warning: it’s an adult listening experience. No listening with kiddos in the car or in the general vicinity. Unless they’re distracted by Dinosaur Train or something.

Any new podcasts you’re into?

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Catching Up

Welp, we are in the middle of potty training boot camp. We are about 1.5 for 5 in terms of human waste hitting the potty. But I have high hopes that by the end of day 3, we are going to have this thing DOWN. It’s all been pretty dramatic–Campbell has exclaimed with joy at the victories and been appropriately discouraged at the right times: “This is a terrible accident!” The potty training lady says to remain positive, though–especially to the child–and that is forcing on me a sense of optimism that feels very unusual for me. Anyway. I’ll keep you posted. You’re welcome.

In other exciting news, I am reading this good book after recommendations from the Interwebs. I am liking the speed of the mystery novel and the character development. I need to do reviews on two other books I recently finished, The Elegance of the Hedgehog and Orphan Train.  I enjoyed both, but they’re super different. I have started the habit of jotting down sentences or paragraphs from books that really grab me. It’s nice to have those recorded, almost like I’m keeping pieces of the books close to me, even after they’re put up on the shelf or back at the library.

As an anniversary present for myself, I bought another pair of my favorite Madewell jeans. I’m now wearing their jeans probably 5/7 days of the week. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.s I’m also enjoying several colors of these light long-sleeve t’s.

We started the second season of True Detective, but the first episode was a little too dark to me. Thanks to Josie, I’m looking forward to starting Catastrophe soon and hopefully the second season of The Americans, both via Amazon.

Lastly, I have recently discovered the loveliness of a tablecloth for outdoor gatherings. Backstory: we brought a very practical, yet not attractive, outdoor table set back from Bahrain. We bought it there from another family for a great price, and it seemed silly not to load it back up. But the glass top never quite looks clean. So I was browsing the post-Independence Day sale at Sur La Table a few weeks back and ran across this cute tablecloth. It thankfully transforms our table. Throw on our go-to wooden plates that we’ve had since our wedding and some cute cloth napkins, and the whole thing pulls together well for a backyard cookout.

I think that’s all I got. I hear the potty monster yelling upstairs after her nap, so we’ll see what the outcome is of her bed clothes. Have a great weekend!


IMG_2521Some funny things are said around these parts, these days. And (usually) not by me. I LOVE Grace’s posts on her children’s (and her husband’s) hilarious sayings, so here’s my attempt. I realize these anecdotes are funnier to me than anyone else, so for memory’s sake…

When asked to lower her voice to an inside voice, “My teeth are just faster, mommy.”


While walking, “That dog is barking on meeee!!”

After I checked my phone (and paused the video) while talking to N. on FaceTime…”Mama, you turned Dad off!!”

On having chapped lips…”Maaa, my lip died. I need chapstick!!”

After throwing a toy and getting scolded, “It was an accident, right mom?” NOPE.

My Weeks with Blue Apron

As I mentioned, I’ve been cooking with Blue Apron for the past few weeks. It took me a while to take the plunge, but in the end, my rationalization was as follows: I really like cooking at the end of a workday. BUT. The meal planning and shopping part is a little draining and exhausting on top of our schedule these days.

So, getting a box of food with all the ingredients is kinda perfect. I just grab my staples at the store, and I’m done. Last week, we got back from traveling on a Tuesday, and I didn’t have to run to the grocery store before cooking 3 well-balanced meals for the week. My Blue Apron package had been delivered on Monday, so I was set.

I subscribe to the 2-person, 3-meals-a-week plan. Because I’m cooking for fewer people these days, I tend to have 1-2 leftover lunches per each meal. I take these to work during the week. It’s been nice to feel like I’m cooking well-rounded, healthy meals. We had been getting into cooking only quick meals and freezer meals, which isn’t so great for my flailing efforts to expand Campbell’s picky palette and expose her to different foods. (One exceptional evening, she even helped me with the food prep.) Another perk: I’m learning more about cooking! Each recipe walks you through the order of prepping the meal, even down to the timing of what to throw in the pan/oven, and when. Finally, the recipes have been yummy and varied. I have been surprised and happy at how delicious (and pretty) each meal is.

Anyone else have luck with Blue Apron? (Or Plated, which I’ve also heard is good?)

Some Random Gems

Happy almost-Friday! No cohesive blog topics these evening. Campbell had a bad fever all day and into this evening. I was banking on some paperwork getting done while she rested watched movies, but it’s amazing how very un-productive I was while she was sick. I’m trying to accept that this is ok, and even good that I could focus on her for a day. Working-mom-guilt is the worst.

  • I’ve cooked two weeks worth of Blue Apron meals as of today. And I’m sold for now, for this season of life. More on that later.
  • Camps and I saw Inside Out two weeks ago. It was as good as the hype! With two of my faves, Mindy and Amy. Not to mention, I nerded out on all the emotion identification happening.
  • Just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It was dense at first, but then I figured out that I needed to skim some parts. The writing was lovely, and the story was really neat.
  • Still watching Gilmore Girls, which I adore, but looking forward to True Detectives (despite negative reviews).
  • We start swimming lessons Saturday. I’m dreading putting on a swimsuit and getting in a cold, indoor pool. End rant.

What are you up to this weekend? Enjoy.