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Happy Monday, everyone! Here are some things I’ve enjoyed from around the interwebs…​


​​A neat guide to Birmingham, our hometown.

Ten Things that Help Make Motherhood sweeter at home.

The new Ergo 360 looks awesome.

Identified with this article on 10 gross things Moms do.

Great article on the art of the thank-you note.

Hilarious memes of Prince George exiting the plane in NZ.​

Excited to start listening to Alec Baldwin’s podcast “Here’s the Thing” on my commute to work.

Speaking of podcasts, I loved this Diane Rehm show on the value of fiction.

It’s a Golden Retriever party!


Local Farmers Market

Each spring, Bahrain’s Ministry of Agriculture hosts a weekly farmers market for a few months before it gets unbearably hot. It’s a full morning outing: typically, families bring a picnic breakfast and then shop the booths for produce. Vendors sell traditional breakfast food, coffee, and tea. Farmers sell local produce. We’ve especially enjoyed the parsnips, carrots, and tomatoes. There’s a makeshift petting zoo for the kids. And for some reason, the locals here love taking pictures of and with Campbell.

My Pants Problems Solved

My sister and friends can attest that I’ve long been a fan of the high-waisted pant. Way before it was fashionable. My college friends poked fun when I pulled my running shorts above their intended waistline, but I’ve always maintained that it’s more comfortable for a waist band to sit on or above my belly button. And, as you can imagine, since giving birth to Campbell (which left my mid-section in an even more unflattering shape), my allegiance to the high waist has only been strengthened. High waists hold me in in the right places, leaving minimal fluff hanging out. Needless to say, I have suffered through this most recent fashion era, in which low slung jeans ruled the roost. (I shudder at the thought of even a small portion of my bare back showing when I sit down.) And so you can understand why I’ve been thoroughly delighted at the resurgence of the high-waisted pant. With all this in mind, here are my two favorite jeans right now.

1. Target’s Mossimo High Waisted Skinny Denim Jeans (Curvy Fit). These are inexpensive and low maintenance. I have two pair in the rinse wash, and I wear them all weekend long, dressed up or down. Then, I throw them in the wash and dryer to clean.

target2. Madewell’s High Riser Skinny Skinny Jean in Onyx Wash. My reaction to receiving these for Christmas and then trying them on was “I’ll never buy another pair of jeans again.” And that just might be true. These are more expensive, but they fit me better and stretch out less than their Target counterparts.


Anyone else love a high-waisted pant?


Enough Said

Enough_Said_(film)We recently watched Enough Said, featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. These two actors are some of my faves. I’ve told you about my love for Veep, and I recently mentioned our addiction to the Sopranos. And so I was pumped to see this movie. It’s a story about two divorcees and about-to-be empty nesters who find each other. All in all, it was great. The film mixes humor with real-life pain–but not too much. It’s nice to see Gandolfini in a different role, his last before his untimely death last year.  We laughed through much of the story, cringed at certain very realistic segments, and got weepy as we watched the their kids leave for college. Highly recommend!

Image via wikipedia.


Hello again! It’s been a crazy week or so. SB is spending the week in Birmingham with our parents and squeezing in some QT with the people we call home. I’ve been fighting off a cold that’s been lurking around for a month, all the while adjusting to the new-ish job and figuring out how to deal with our latest toddler challenge: bedtime tantrums (and really all types of fits that end up with our two-year-old laying face-first on the ground). Here’s a shot pre-tantrum:

IMG_2122“Mama, I wanna wear Crocs not Keds!” loosely translated from “shoes! peas! shoes! peas!”

Anyway, my brain is feeling fried at this late hour of 8:39 pm, so here are some unrelated thoughts.

  • Have you read Hannah Rosin’s article “The Overprotected Kid” in The Atlantic? I understood her point and agree with it in some ways. And so many people are praising her work. But I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with some things she wrote. For instance, I’m pretty happy about safety standards that are required for playgrounds these days. I have more issues, but I’ll save them for another time. Perhaps I’m being overprotective and anxious, but there you have it.
  • SB sent me a sweet package that included The Goldfinch, a new book for Campbell, and some dark chocolate caramels with sea salt. It made my week!
  • We recently resumed watching The Sopranos after a five-month hiatus. Anyone else hooked into the mobster show that’s really all about dysfunctional family dynamics?
  • A few weeks ago, the hubs’s family came out to visit. It was so nice to spend time with them. I didn’t realize how much I missed hanging with those who go WAY back with us. Though I had to work during their visit, I loved coming home to dinners and late-night games of Settlers of Catan.

Back to Work: An Update

Thanks to those of you who wrote to encourage me in my return to work a few weeks ago. In some ways, it has been a smooth transition. I’m already enjoying my job. The weekend after my first week, our little family of three celebrated over Tex-Mex, always my favorite.

Here are some highlights of my first three weeks…

  • The sense of earning my keep at the end of a long day.
  • Watching CG as she plays on the playground below my office window.
  • Wading back into social worky stuff–reading about stress and anger management techniques, planning group work activities, etc.
  • Lunching with the hubs almost every day.
  • Returning to structure.

But there have also been a fair share of challenges…

  • Squeezing in exercise before a long work day. If I wait until afterward, it just doesn’t happen. Work-in-progress.
  • Helping CG adjust to a new schedule. (She’s been a little out-of-sorts.)
  • Breaking away from yoga pants and jeans.
  • Adjusting to a new division of labor with the hubs and a new post-work routine.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

photo - CopyHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, the Irish (and many others) celebrate the well-known patron saint of Ireland, the arrival of Christianity to Ireland, and Irish culture. The country is at the top of my to-visit list.  It seems that those close to me who have been–SB, the hubs, my parents–all found it absolutely stunning, even spiritual in its beauty and history. Ever since being introduced to Irish poets in college and understanding the war-torn history of the land, I’ve been fascinated. In case you feel inspired, one of my favorite poems is “Digging” by Seamus Heaney.

Photo taken by my dad.